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Why is a short domain name important?

Why is it that only the really popular domains have a short name? Answer: People have a tendency to forget the name if it is to long. If a domain name is to long, the search engines are not likely to use it in the first page results, and if you use old-school advertising with the domain name contained within, well it better be short.

Is there confusion when different domains use .net, .org, .co etc., etc.? Answer: Yes, the best and by far the most successful domain name is the .COM, hands down the winner.

Ok, so we all know that the .COM is the hercules of the internet, but even so, why is it so important? Answer: Today’s business plans must consider that the internet is likely the single most important aspect of the business. The internet will yield customer after customer, an ever revolving door of capital. Capital is the reason a business exists, the profit that allows for the improvement of livelihood.

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